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News (Svenska)

2014-08-10: New screensaver!
HTClock 360 Sombrero Galaxy

The screensaver shows current time with different types of analog clocks with the Sombrero Galaxy as background. Thanks goes to HST/NASA/ESA.
2014-06-10: I have an art exhibition during "Högsbydagen"
14 June, Hogsby:

2014-04-11: Added some new photos.
2014-01-24: Updated screensaver!: HTClock 360

The screensaver shows current time with different types of analog clocks.
2013-12-29: New artwork - a Cowboy,
size 40x30 cm (16x12 inches).

Read more about Cowboys (Wiki).

2013-12-14: Merry Christmas! An Annoying Santa Claus on your desktop.
2013-09-14: New image viewer!: PanoEzy V1.0

Use PanoEzy if you want to show big images / pictures, very long or high picture or a 360 degree/panorama picture (JPG format) in original size or in panorama mode. A quick button to change between black & white and color is added. The image rotates automatically if it is bigger than the screen.
2013-09-05: I participate at an art exhibition, "All konst i Småland", Virserum Art Museum, Virserum
during 6 October - 12 December 2013. Read more (Swedish): virserumskonsthall.com
2013-07-22: Here is a 3D picture of Kalmar Castle. You need a pair of red-blue glasses to watch it in 3D. Do you not have any 3D glasses? Make your own 3D glasses (wikihow)!

2013-04-15: New screensaver!: HTClock 360

The screensaver shows current time with different types of analog clocks.
2013-03-04: With Kodu Game Lab you can do your own nice 3D games. It is free for the PC and developed by Microsoft. Anyone from about 8 years and up can easy learn it.
"Bring Kodu Home" and "HT_WaterBall" are my first games with Kodu Game Lab. You can find my games here in the Kodu Community. You need Kodu to play the games.
2013-02-10: New artwork -Kalmar Theatre year 1903, Sweden, size 40x30 cm (16x12 inches).

2013-01-17: New artwork - Klackeberga Church, Kalmar, size 30x40 cm (12x16 inches).

Read more about the church (kalmar.com).

2013-01-07: Here are some new wallpapers:

2012-12-23: Merry Christmas! A Christmas Annoying Ping-Pong Santa Claus on your desktop. Thanks goes to www.hellocrazy.com for the Santa Claus animation.
2012-12-12: 3D modeling using Trimble SketchUp is fun. Geo-modeling real-life buildings with SketchUp is even more fun when your own 3D models appears in Google Earth or Google Maps using Trimble 3D Warehouse.

Here is my place on earth:






2012-11-23: In Sweden where I live, it is often to cold for night golf and use cool glowing golf balls. David Owen, a contributing editor of Golf Digest, writes about it in an article and using my freeware program Moonphase as a golf app.
2012-11-03: I participate at an art exhibition in Oskarshamn, Sweden,
during 9 November 2012 - 4 January 2013:

2012-09-11: New Game!: Halloweentreatris added with Halloween sounds and ghostly faces.

2012-08-15: New artwork - Reflection,
size 40x30 cm (16x12 inches).


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